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Wool    [ Botany ]
Adjective: Woolly

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  In botany wool is a filamentous or fibrous covering suggestive of the texture of true wool, a pubescence, or a clothing of soft hairs, growing on the surface of certain plants and also any thick mass of long woolly-like, matted or free hairs.  
(For example: a woolly cephalium, the cover of wool on Austrocylindropuntia malyana

Eriosyce napina subsp. lembkei var. duripulpa RMF 277 -  Punta Lobos, Chile: fruit Austrocylindropuntia malyana (tephrocactus malyanus)  
Wooly buds and fruits of
Eriosyce napina
ssp. lembckey var. duripulpa
The cover of wool on
Austrocylindropuntia malyana


(See also: surface features, hair, trichomes, felt, lanate, tomentose, pubescence, villous, cephalium )  





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