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Variety   [ Taxonomy ]
Abbreviation: var. or v.
Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names
  A plants variety is a divergence in growth from the usual or normal (of one or a few) of the characteristics of a species,  this different growth is inheritable by succeeding direct generations.  
Variety names are given when the mutation occurs in nature.   The abbreviation var. is used to signify that the mutation is a variety. var. is placed after the specific epithet and is not underlined or italicized.
How to write:
1.         The variety name is written after var.
2.         Capitalize the first letter of the variety name only if it is a proper noun.
3.         Underline or italicize the variety name.
Example: Mammillaria lasciacantha var.
egregia (Mammillaria lasciacantha var. egregia)
  Glossary of  cactus and succulent SPECIES epithets (comprising subspecies, variety and forms)


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