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Truncate [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonym: Truncated - Squared-off
Derived forms: Truncately (Adverb),  Truncation (Noun)
  Square or flattened at the end, not tapered, either at the base or at the apex of an organ. Terminating or shortening abruptly as if cut off either squarely or obliquely
[From Latin "truncatus” past participle of “truncare” to cut off, mutilate, (from. truncus mutilated, cut short) See Trunk.]
Truncate leaf base and apex   [ Botany ]

Of leaf base or leaf apex appearing to terminate abruptly, as if by cutting off.


The typical truncate leaves of 

Haworthia truncata

To Truncate (Synonyms: To shorten, To cut off)  [ Horticulture]
Transitive verb: past and  past participle truncated ,  present participle truncating, 3rd person present singular truncates)
  To  cut squarely across or shortening an organ, either at the base or at the apex.  





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