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Schizochromism [ Botany - Biology  ] (Schizochroism) 

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A genetic aberration of an organism where there is a total absence of one specific pigment type but every other pigments are present at normal levels.  

The term schizochromism (schizochroism) indicate a mutations in which one pigment type is absent but not others. This aberration is common in many cactus cultivar (e.g Gymnocalycium cv. HIBOTAN ) The plant have a colourful yellow or red appearance caused by the total absence of the chlorophyll (green pigment). Here, though, the specific pigment is missing: every other pigment (e.g.. carotenoids and betalains ) are present at normal levels, the dominant green colouration is lost, but will still more than likely have normal other pigments that give the yellow or red overall appearance of stems.

Left: A schizochromic cultivar of Echinofossulocactus





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