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Radial    [ Biology - Botany ]
Adverb: Radially
Synonyms: Symmetric, Stellate or Starlike
Derived form: Radiating

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  Radiating from or converging to a common centre. Having or characterized by parts so arranged or so radiating. Developing symmetrically about a central point.  

Radial spines of
Coryphantha  echinoidea

In biology the term radial describe the arrangement of  parts of an organism (such as the petals of a flower, the rays of a starfish or the spines of a cactus) in which the parts develop in a circular symmetrical arrangement around a central point: Radial projections;  Also applied to a rootstock in which the fronds radiate and the roots are borne on all sides of the organ.       ( See:  Radial symmetry }


Stellate  flowers of
Stapelia flavopurpurea

Stellate  (radial)  stem of
Astrophytum cohauilense


(From Latin "radius"  ray)

To radiate (Verb)  





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