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Pore     [ Biology - Agronomy ]
Adjective: Porous  -  Porose
Noun: Porosity, Porousnees
Adverb: Porously

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A pore, in general, is some form of opening in a material, usually very small and admitting passage of a fluid (liquid or gas)


1. Of soil: The open spaces or voids within a soil.  
2. Biology:

Any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an organism such as in plants, animals.

3. Botany: (Stoma) A minute epidermal opening in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapour can pass  
4. Botany: The opening or end of the tube in some fungus where spores are released.  

Porous (Porose)
Synonym: Holey, Poriferous, Permeable, Absorbent.

  1. Permeable: A material, surface or substance that allows the passage of water or gases through small interconnected holes or vessels (pores) in the structure.
  2. Absorbent: Able to absorb fluids


Porose soil [Agronomy - Horticulture ]
Synonyms: Porous
compost  (substrate, potting mix, medium)

  A porous soil is a soil of usually granular composition that is full of tiny openings or channel way that is able to be filled (permeated) by water or air.  

A porous soil (or growing medium) is a soil that allows water and air to seep (or rise) thought it ensuring a good drainage and aeration. Compaction make a soil less porous. Hence the porosity is the measure of the amount of liquid or gas that may be absorbed or yielded by a particular soil or formation. Water cannot, by definition, travel through non-porous (impermeable) layers.

Porose capsule   [ Botany ]
  A dry dehiscent fruit, opening with pores or holes around the top. E.g. the fruit of a Poppy (Papaver).







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