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Pigment [ Botany - Biology ]
Adjective: Pigmented
Derived form: Pigmentation

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A pigment is any colouring material in plant or animal cells  

Pigment is any of the substance in plant or animal cells that give colour to tissues and organs which is the result of selective absorption, as chlorophyll, anthocyanin, betalain, carotene etc.  Nearly all types of cells, such as epidermis, stems, flowers and fruit contain pigment. Creatures that have deficient pigmentation are called albinos.
There are four main classes of plant pigment:

Chlorophylls and carotenoids are insoluble in water and have a particular function (photosynthesis and protection of chlorophyll)
Flavonoids and betalains are water soluble pigments and  are responsible for many of the intense colours in vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Pigmentation [ Botany - biology ]
Synonym: Chromatism, Coloration, Colouration
Antonym: Discoloration, Depigmentation.
  1. The natural coloration of living tissues of plants and animals due to concentration of pigments.
  2. The deposition of pigment by cells in animals, plants or human beings.
Compare with: Discoloration,   Depigmentation





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