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Permeable  Biology - Horticulture - Pedology ]
Synonym: Passable
  Allowing substances, particularly gases and liquids, to penetrate or pass through , such as a soil with pores or openings through which water can flow.  
A permeable soil is able to be penetrated by water and air. Usually used in horticulture to indicate growing substrata and soils types (such as unconsolidated pumices grit and coarse sand) thought which water can easily seep (or rise). Water cannot, by definition, travel through impermeable layers.
Permeation  Physics]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The passage or diffusion of a gas, vapor, liquid, or solid through a barrier without physically or chemically affecting it.  
The permeation is the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance or the interpenetration ( mutual penetration) of a substance through another.
To permeate  [  Transitive and intransitive verb]
  To penetrate and pass through, as water penetrates and passes through soil interstices and other porous materials.  

Synonym: Pore connectivity

Ability of a material or substance to transmit fluids through pore spaces





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