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Mineral  [ Geology ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  MINERAL (Noun): A solid homogeneous inorganic substance formed through geological processes occurring naturally in the earth and which is neither vegetable nor animal.
  MINERAL (Adjective): of or containing or derived from minerals.  

A mineral is a compound - usually obtained from the earth - having a definite chemical composition that vary form pure element (such as gold or sulphur) to simple (such as salts) or very complex compounds (such as silicates) Rocks , stones, sand are formed of one or more minerals.  Over 2,000 types of minerals have been classified.
The study of minerals is called mineralogy. The term "mineral" encompasses not only the material's chemical composition but also the mineral structures. Most mineralogists include the requirements that a mineral have inorganic origin and internal crystalline structure. In accord with the latter requirement, an amorphous compound such as opal would be considered to be mineraloid.
Ground water dissolves these rock substances, and the dissolved minerals are present in tap water. Depending on the kinds of rocks the water comes in contact with, the minerals dissolved in the water may be just of a small amount of or they may be very concentrated.
The definition of mineral might also encompass (in a broad sense) some organic derivative, such as coal or petroleum. .

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