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Mimesis  [ Ecology ]
Synonym: Mimicry 
Adjective: Mimic, Mimetic, Mimetical
Adverb: Mimetically

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The resemblance or similarity of an animal or plant species to another species or to a feature of its natural surroundings developed in order to gain some advantage from predators and herbivores.  
The mimesis is a phenomenon due to convergent evolution in which different and unrelated species of plants or animals gain an advantage by looking like the individuals of a different species or to a feature of their natural surroundings. For example some animals mimic forms, colours or patterns of dangerous animals to frighten off potential predators.

Others animals and plants are carefully camouflaged to resemble their backgrounds and hide from predators or herbivores.


Pseudolithos migiurtinus

A plant
camouflaged to resemble a stone 

  Mimetic: Relating to, characteristic of, or exhibiting mimicry as, mimetic species; mimetic organisms etc  
  Mimic: Any species that imitates another successful species in order to dupe predators into avoiding the mimic.  

Predators stay away from mimics, thinking they are the poisonous animals they look like or dupe prey into approaching the mimic. Example: some flies have evolved to look like bees, with yellow and black stripes

Common types of mimicry include:

  • Batesian mimicry, in which a palatable mimic suffers lower predation due to its closely resemblance to an unpalatable model; For example: non-toxic butterflies have evolved to appear like toxic butterflies in order to evade predators
  • MŁellerian mimicry, in which each of two or more unpalatable species enjoys reduced predation due to their similarity; For example two toxic butterflies have evolved to appear very similar.
To mimic [ Biology ]
Transitive verb (Past and past participle mimicked, present participle mimicking, 3rd person present singular mimics)
  To assume the resemblance of another totally different plant or animal, or of some surrounding object, as a means of protection or advantage. e.g. to discourage predators, avoid herbivores, attract pollinators etc..





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