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Inheritance    [ Genetics ]
Adjective: Heritance, Heredity, Transmissibility

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  The capability by which (genetics) traits or quality are inherited via biological heredity by an offspring from ancestors.  
Inheritable (same as Heritable)   [ Genetics ]
Synonym: Ancestral, Genetic, Hereditary, Heritable, Transmissible.
  Capable of being inherited, as a genetic character passed on from parents to progeny through the chromosomes/DNA. Hereditary.  
Genetic attributes acquired via biological heredity from the parents or ancestors, for example a trait or gene passed from one generation to the next.
To inherit Transitive verb
Past and past participle Inherited, present participle Inheriting, 3rd person present singular Inherits)
  To receive a characteristic or quality from a parent (or ancestor) by genetic transmission.  





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