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Hydrophyte  [ Botany - Ecology ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A hydrophyte is a plant that grows in water or in water-logged soil, with submerged  storage organs and perennating bud (s) resting below the water level.  
Hydrophytes have a reduced root system, reduced support and vascular systems, and specialized leaves. Anchored hydrophytes have a rooting system that is embedded in the soil and they often have floating leaves.
Hydrophytes are a subdivision of cryptophytes  plant  

Plants with resting buds lying either beneath the surface of the ground as a bulbs, corms, rhizomes, etc., or a resting buds submerged under water.

Cryptophytes are further divided up into one of the following:
  • Geophytes: resting in dry land, e.g. Tulip, Ariocarpus
  • Helophytes: resting in marshy, lake or pond edges, e.g. Reed Mace.
  • Hydrophytes: resting by being submerged under water, e.g. Frogbit.


(Compare with mesophytesxerophytes, halophytes and xerohalophytes).

Hydric (environment)  [ Ecology ]


Hydric environmental conditions are ones that are very wet.

Compare with very dry conditions (xeric) and medium moisture conditions (mesic).



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