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Hybrid ( Abbreviation: X  or Hybr.) [ Genetics

Dictionary of botanic terminology
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Synonym: Cross, Crossbred, Crossed, Crossbreed, Interbred, Intercrossed.
Derived forms: Hybridism (Noun), Hybridist (Noun), Hybridity (Noun).
  1. An organism produced by crossbreeding that is the offspring of two genetically dissimilar parents belonging to different species, genera, cultivars or breeds.
    For example: "a mule is an hybrid between a horse and a donkey"
  2. Crosses between populations or cultivars differing in one or more heritable characteristics of a single species often used in plant breeding.
In botany an hybrid or cross is an offspring of two individual plants differing in one or more heritable characteristics. Hybrids are created when the pollen from one kind of plant pollinate an other interfertile plant belonging to a different species, genera, cultivars, breeds or genotypes, resulting in a new plant altogether. Usually it is not possible to obtain hybrids between plants of different families.

Although some natural plant hybrids are well-known in the wild as the result of natural pollination, horticulturist and geneticist have dedicated a big effort to create specialised plants with higher quality traits by means of controlled cross-pollination. (e.g. aesthetical features, yield or pest tolerance).
The first-generation progeny (F1) of a cross between two different biotypes usually result in an intermediate plant. The hybrids from different parents are often stronger than either parent, a phenomenon which - when present - is known as hybrid vigour.   For more details see: Crossbreeding
Hybrids between species of the same genus or form different genera are known respectively as "inter"-specific and "inter"-generic hybrids.

Often the offspring of an intergeneric or interspecific cross manifest a reduced fertility or even a complete sterility.

Intergeneric hybrid ( X Ferobergia : a cross of a female Ferocactus fordii  and a male Leuchtembergia principis )

NOTE: Hybrids should not be confused with chimaeras.
Hybrid  [ Taxonomy
To hybridize (Transitive and intransitive verb)   (Past and past participle Hybridized, present participle Hybridizing, 3rd person present singular Hybridizes)
Synonym: To cross, To crossbreed, To hybridise, To interbreed
Derived forms: Hybridizable (Adjective), Hybridization, Hybridizer (Noun).
  To produce or cause a hybrid by performing a cross either by human intervention or naturally. To crossbreed  
  The act of creating a new plant cultivar by selectively fertilizing one plant with the pollen of another in the hopes that the progeny will carry some of the traits of each by combining the genes of two different species or subspecies





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