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(1) Habit   Botany  - Morphology  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Growth form, Plant shape
  The habit is the characteristic appearance of a plant, stem, leaves or other organ (including size, shape, colour, pattern of growth etc.)  
Not to be confused with habitat.
(2) Habit of growth   Botany  - Morphology  ]
Vegetative Features, Growing habit
  The habit of growth or vegetative feature is the general aspect or mode of growth of a plant, it may be low-growing, tall, erect, prostrate, spreading, trailing, bushy, and so on.  

There are several  terms used to describe the habit of growth. The following are some of the more common terms:
Habit of growth of cacti and succulents  Botany  - Morphology  ]
Here a brief (still incomplete) compilation of terms dealing with growth habit of cactus and succulents:

Globose (Spherical): having a rounded form resembling that of a sphere or ball.

Epithelantha micromeris ssp. polycephala

Clustering (syn: Clumping ): forming a tight or open clumps or groups of shoots.

Unbranced (Syn: brancheless, solitary):  Without branches, with a single unbranched stem

Branched: Having one to many secondary branches arising from the main stem.

O. compressa Flowers

Segmented habit: plant  that grow in distinctly successive articulated segments or joints.

Elongate habit: plant which is long and slender.
Distichous: With leaves arranged in two rows on opposite sides of a stem and in the same plane. Fenestrate habit: With fenestrate leaves that grow below the surface of the soil;
Rosette: With leaves symmetrically arranged, flattened and radiating from the crown or centre at the base of a stem with very short internodes. Cylindrical or cylindric habit: With the shape of a cylinder or tube.
Eriosyce napina subsp. lembkei var. duripulpa RMF 277 -  Punta Lobos, Chile Offsetting habit: Forming offsets,  shoot, branch or stem and eventually an open clumps or groups of shoots. Prostrate: Stretched out and lying flat at full length along the surface of the ground
Tufted: Of plants having many stems growing in clusters which are attached at the base and free at the ends.  





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