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(1) Grassland  [ Ecology ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A grassland is an ecosystem, such as prairie or meadow, upon which dominate a plant community (biome) in which grasses and low-growing herbs are the most conspicuous members.  
Grasslands are found in region in which the climate is dry for long periods of the summer, and cool in the winter, they are characterized by grasses and other erect herbs, usually without or very few trees or shrubs.
Grasslands occur mainly in flat areas in the dry temperate interiors of continents. They constitutes a major world vegetation type occurring where there is sufficient moisture for grass growth and where precipitation is insufficient to support growth of shrublands or forest. Grassland dotted with trees is called Savanna.
The main categories of grassland are:
Temperate grasslands (mid-latitude grasslands): including the Prairie of North America, the Pampa of Argentina, and the steppes of Eurasia.
Tropical and subtropical grasslands: including the tropical and subtropical grasslands and  savannas.
Montane grasslands: including the high-altitude grasslands located on high mountain ranges around the world.
(2) Grassland  [ Landscaping ]
  A grassland is a landscape in which the existing plant cover is dominated by grasses. Like prairies, meadow and savannah.  
(3) Grassland  [ Geography  ]
  A geographic region where vegetation is dominated by grasses.  





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