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Globose  [ Botany ]
Spherical, Spheric, Globular, Globulous  Round, Ball-like, Globoid,

Dictionary of botanic terminology
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  Globose means having a rounded form resembling that of a sphere or ball.  
A ball-shaped or nearly globular part or organ of a plant
(For examples pollen granules, fruits, or seeds)

◄Left: Shapes based on the sphere and ellipsoids, distinguished by the ratio of a:b.

  1. Globose or spherical
  2. Subglobose or prolate spheroidal
  3. Broadly ellipsoidal (sub-prolate) to ellipsoidal (prolate)
  4. Oval (per-prolate)
  5. Fusiform
Globose habit   [ Morphology ]
Spherical habit or Ball shaped
The globose habit is one of the most common vegetative features or habit  frequently observed in cacti and succulents characterized by spherical stems.


A globose cactus: Echinocactus grusonii





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