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Genus (Plural Genera) [ Taxonomy ] Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names
  In the binomial classification of living organisms The genus. (pl. genera) is a grouping of similar, closely related and morphologically similar species.  

Similarly, genera are grouped into families, families into orders, orders into classes, and classes into phyla or divisions.

Further a genus may be divided in subgenus (intermediate taxonomic group between genus and species)

  Glossary of  cactus and succulent GENUS names
  Glossary of  cactus and succulent SPECIES epithets (comprising subspecies, variety and forms too)

How to write the genus name (generic name):
1. The genus name is written first.
2. The genus name is always underlined or italicized.
3. The first letter of the genus name is always capitalized.

Example: Mammillaria or Mammillaria


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