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Female  Biology  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Relating to, or designating the sex of an organism (of plant or animal), or a part of an organism, that produces fertilizable gametes (egg cells or ova) from which offspring develop. Consisting of members of this sex  

The female organism produce offsprings after the female ova has been fertilized with the male sperm. A female individual cannot usually reproduce without sexual intercourse with a male, although some exceptions exist.
The "ovum" or “egg cell” is defined as the larger
gamete in a heterogamous reproduction system, while the smaller gamete is produced by the male.

Female Symbol:

A common symbol used to represent the female gender is, a circle with a small cross underneath.
This symbol also represents the planet Venus and is a stylized representation of the goddess Venus' hand mirror.
Female  [ Botany   ]

  In botany the term female relate to organs, such as pistils, that produce gametes capable of  being fertilized by those produced by male organs.  
See also:  
Female flowers (= Pistillate) a flower bearing pistils but not stamens;
Female plant: A plant having only pistillate flowers
(see:  dioecious )





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