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Entomophily  [ Botany - - Ecology ]
Insect pollination
Derived term: Entomophilous

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Seed plants which are primarily pollinated by insects are said to be entomophilous.  
Insects go to feed on flower expecting a reward (usually nectar, pollen or edible part of the flower) and they unwillingly transport the pollen from one flower to another. Among entomphily we can  recognize the role of many diverse type of insect pollination, the most important is melittophily (bee pollination) that interest the majority of the species of flowering plants; other insect generally are not so efficient like bees but they are indispensable for the pollination of many plant species, among them:  Sphingophily & Phalaenophily (Hawk moths and nocturnal Lepidoptera pollination), myophily (fly pollination),  Sapromyophily (carrion fly pollination), Psychophily (butterfly pollination), cantharophily (Beetle pollination), Myrmecophily (ants pollination), Necrocoleopterophily (Carrion beetles pollimnation), Micromelittophily (Small bees pollination).
Entomophilous plants  [ Botany ]
  Plants which are primarily pollinated by insects.  





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