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Dry (Adjective )

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Dry, in a broad sense, means not wet, deficient in the natural or normal supply of moisture; having little humidity or none; arid;  
(1) Dry [ Meteorology - Ecology ]
  Of weather lacking or having very little moisture in the air, free from rain or mist. (for example a dry climate, a dry season)  
(see also drought),
(2) Dry [ Botany ]
  Of vegetable matter. Free from juices or sap; not succulent; not green; as, dry wood or hay.  
For example: Dry fruits
(3) Dry [ Horticulture - Ecology ]
  Of soil: Lacking in normal levels of natural moisture, drained or depleted of water: no longer having water because it has evaporated or been exhausted.  

(see also:  xeric, To unwater)

(3) To dry (Verb)
To keep Dry
E.g. drying effect of desert air





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