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(1) Determinate growth  [ Botany - Biology ]
Adverb:  Determinately
Noun: Determinateness

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  In biology determinate growth means not continuing to grow indefinitely. Determinate growth describe a more or less rapid growth to a mature conclusive size, with no growth thereafter like in the animals and leaves that stop growing at the reaching of the adult final condition  
Most plant structure (like leaves, flowers, fruit, seed,  and a lot of other organs too) have a determinate, limited growth whit a definite final shape. That is they are genetically programmed to expand for a limited time to the reach of a certain size, then stop growing.

This determinate growth is in stark contrast to the indeterminate (virtually unlimited) growth of roots and stems, which have not a precisely established limit of growth fixed in advance (indeterminate growth).
Some exception regards for example - the determinate growth pattern of segmented stem of certain cactus and the determined growth of root in many monocotyledons.

[from Latin "determinatus", past participle of the verb  "determinare", to determine)
(2) Determinate inflorescence (Synonym: Cymose)     [ Botany ]
  An determinate inflorescence or cymose is type of inflorescence terminating in a flower and blossoming in a sequence beginning with the uppermost or central flower; hence cymose means not continuing indefinitely at the tip of an axis, having a determinate growth  





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