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(1) Dehiscence [ Biology ]
Adjective: Dehiscent
verb: To dehisce (To split open)
Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names
  In biology the dehiscence is the release of material by splitting open of an organ or tissue.  
(2) Dehiscence [ Botany ]
  In Botany the dehiscence is the spontaneous opening at maturity of a plant   structure.  

Example of dehiscence:

Of a dry fruit (seed pod): Allowing the discharge of seeds.
Of an anther: Permitting the escape of pollen.
Of a sporangium: Consenting the release of spores.

Compare with: indehiscent (antonym)

(3) Dehiscent fruit  [ Botany ]
  A dry (or pulpy) fruit opening spontaneously at ripening in some distinct way and along defined lines allowing the seeds to fall out and be dispersed.  


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