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Cylindrical or Cylindric  [ Botany  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonym: Terete, Rounded, Tubelike, Tube-shaped
Noun: Cylindricality
Adverb: Cylindrically
  With shape of cylinder or tube: having straight parallel sides, circular ends of equal size , and a constant circular cross-section throughout the length.  
In botany refers to the cylinder-like shape of some plant parts as stems, fruit, seeds, roots etc.
Cylindrical habit  [ Morphology ]  
A cylindrical or cylindric  habit is one of the most common vegetative features frequently observed in cacti and succulents characterized by  cylinder-like stems or shoots

[Compare with: Columnar ]

Left: A cylindrical stem of Lobivia famatimensis v. bonnieae






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