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Cultivar  [ Taxonomy - Horticulture ]
Short for Cultivated variety)
Abbreviation:  cv.

Dictionary of botanic
index of names

  A cultivar is a form of a plant  commercially or scientifically important derived from cultivation.  
Cultivar names are given when the mutation occurs due to human influence.
Examples: a mutation occurs in a greenhouse (or because of human involvement such as breeding, applying mutagens, propagation, or by cultural practices)
The abbreviation cv. is used to signify that the mutation is a cultivar. cv. is placed after the specific epithet and is not underlined or italicized.
Example: Astrophytum asterias cv. Onzuka or single quotes  of cv. Astrophytum asterias 'Onzuka'

How to write:

1. The cultivar name is written after cv. or within the single quotes ( '....' ).
2. Capitalize the cultivar name.
3. Never underline or italicize the cultivar name.

Example: Astrophytum asterias cv. Onzuka or Astrophytum asterias 'Onzuka'
Where a species' variation is great or strongly different from the normal and sufficiently mutated it is called a 'sport'.



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