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(1) Crown [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The apex of a globular or elongated cactus or succulent.  


Fruit on the crown of
Epithelantha micromeris.



A flower on the crown of
Strombocactus disciformis

(2) Crown [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The upper part of a tree or shrub, which includes the branches and the foliage.  


Euphorbia balsamifera a succulent shrub forming a nice crown.




(3) Crown or collar [ Botany ]
  The crown or collar is the neck or line of junction between the root of a plant and its stem, usually at ground level.  
For more details see: Collar  
(4) Crown [ Botany ]
  The persistent, mostly underground  base  of  a  perennial or biennial  herb.  
The crown is the growth point of a perennial plant (e.g. a rosette,) located underground or at soil level where the plant stem meets the roots.
(5) Crown or corona [ Botany ]
  A corona (also called crown) is the prominent, crown-shaped, funnel-shaped, or trumpet-shaped outgrowth or appendage of the perianth of certain flowers, such as the daffodil or narcissi.  
(6) Crown  (in: Asclepiadaceae flower)    [ Botany ]
  The typical whorl of structures between the corolla and stamens in Asclepiadaceae family.  

The colourful corona of Stapelia flavopurpurea.
Inner corona (Yellow with purple tip) and
Outer corona (Pink with horned appendages)

The corona (Crown) is a characteristic androecial derived structure found in Asclepiadaceae flowers of variable form, which is incorporated in the gynostegium (a complex fusion-product of androecium and gynoecium).

The corona typically consists of inner and outer lobes.

  • Inner corona: Usually the inner corona inclined against the staminal column (a structure formed by the fusion of the stamens.
  • Outer corona: Outer corona lobes lie flat in the base of corolla or they are budged away from the column. They can be larger than the inner one or so reduced that they canít even be found.

The unique and complex structures of corona and gynostegium are very elaborated and dissimilar in various genera and they are the most important factor for Asclepiadaceae classification.

(7) Crown [ Botany and Horticulture ]
  The roots and lower stem of a plant, or a plant consisting only of these parts, used especially for propagation  
(8) Crown rot [ Phytopathology ]





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