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Cluster (Synonym: clump)  [ Botany ]
clustered or clustery

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A clump or cluster is a mass; a lump, a thick group of something like growing plants, as of trees, bushes or basal shoots.  
(For example a clump of moss)
To cluster (Intransitive and transitive verb: past clustered, past participle clustered, present participle clustering, 3rd person present singular clusters) 
  To gather, to combine things  into mass or form lumps or small groupings of something.  
Clustering habit  [ Habit of growth - Botany ]
Clumping habit.
Epithelantha micromeris ssp. polycephala
  A clumping or clustering  habit is a vegetative features that describe a  plant  forming a tight or open clumps or groups of shoots.  

Left: A clumps (cluster) of Epithelantha micromeris ssp. polycephala

(Spine) cluster [ Botany ]
    A (spine) cluster is a group of spine, arising from a formation called an areole.  

Glandulicactus wrightii
Areole and spine cluster on an isolated tubercle


Spine clusters are typical structures characteristic of the Cactaceae  family, they develop from a meristematic growth centre called the areole which is positioned on the tubercles (raised , domelike or elongate areas along the stem) or on the ribs.
Each spine cluster (corresponding to an areole) may contains central and radial spines and also glochids, hairs, leafs or glands


Unlike other flowering plants that are principally identified by flower and fruit morphology, cacti are identified primarily by their spine clusters morphology.
In plants of the subfamily Opuntioideae the cluster of spines arise in the axil of a small caducous (early deciduous) leaf.





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