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Camouflage   [ Biology - Ecology ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  To remain indiscernible from the surrounding background. Camouflage is a way which allows an otherwise visible organism to hide by blending with its environment and this way to avoid predators, herbivores or to catch food.  

Photo 1
Toumeya papyracantha

Camouflage is the method in which an animal or plant hides itself from a threat, changing its body shape or colour to blend into its surroundings.

For example:
(Photo 1), the cactus Toumeya papyracantha has spines shaped and coloured like the dried leaf of grass, and is very difficult to detect it in the grassland background.
(Photo 2) Pseudolithos migiurtinus
A plant camouflaged to resemble a stone 

Photo 2
Pseudolithos migiurtinus





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