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Branch   [ Botany ]
Adjective branched also branchy
Adjective (Antonym): branchless or unbranched
Synonym: offshoot

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  A branch is a natural division of a stem or stalk.  

A secondary stem or appendage which appears off the side of the trunk or main stem of a tree, shrub, vine or from another secondary larger branch.
It is a woody structural parts that is not the central trunk or trunks and which supports the terminal twigs, which in turn support the leaves. Branches may be oriented in any direction from horizontally to vertically, but usually have bark similar to the upper trunk (whereas twigs often have markedly different bark).
The term is also used to describe the main ascending axis of a woody plant. Often used as equivalent of axis or stem or stalk.

See also: Unbranched, Offshoot, Branching patterns

Branch   [ Botany - Plant Anatomy ]
  A lateral division or subdivision of certain other plant parts, such as a root, leaf vein or flower cluster (inflorescence).  
Branched (or Branching) habit   [ Plant Morphology   ]
  A branched   habit is a vegetative features that describe a  plant having one to many secondary branches arising from the main stem.  
Left:  Trichocaulon sp. aff. flavum  

Right: Euphorbia balsamifera

Two branching succulent.

Branch  [ Taxonomy - Cladistic ]
Synonyms: Clade, Lineage.
  A single monophyletic group or lineage of biological taxa or species that share features inherited from a common ancestor. Also clade.  
Any separate line of development emerging from any node of a cladogram (Graphical representation of an evolutionary lineage in a phylogenetic tree diagram) where changes can be isolated. When changes appears on a branch, those changes do not appear on the main trunk or other branches. The term is sometimes also used for an internode and all nodes and internodes distal to (descended from) it.
To branch  [ Transitive and intransitive verb ]
past branched, past participle branched, present participle branching, 3rd person present singular branches)
  To put forth a branch or branches; to spread or cause something to divide into smaller parts. To grow branches.  





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