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Apical meristem [ Botany ]
Synonym: Growing point, Growing tip

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Apical meristem is an undifferentiated tissue at the tip (apex) of  shoots and roots formed of meristematic cells, that by division produces the precursors of all the other differentiated tissues, including vegetative, and  reproductive organs;


Apical meristem is typically a small single point like area at the tip of a shoot that supply cells for the plant to increase in length (grow up for shoots and down for roots).
Growth in this direction is known as primary growth and is found in  herbaceous and woody plants and in monocots and dicots.

A particular growth abnormality in which a single apical meristem has become unusually broadened and flattened , suggesting many stems have fused together is called fasciation , this establish the following unlimited growth, As a result the shoots have axial symmetry instead of central symmetry.





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