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Anthocyanin [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of name

  Anthocyanin is a flavonoids pigment that is responsible for the coloration of many plants part like flowers, fruits and the leaves in autumn.  
Anthocyanin is often observed in the plant kingdom, Anthocyanins create the blue, red and purple colour in plants such as in bromeliads, carnivorous, berries, etc. This plant pigment can be used as a pH indicator because it changes from red in acids to blue in bases.  But not all plants have this pigment for examples the red pigment pigment in the plants of the Subclass  Caryophyllidae (e.g. Cactaceae, Portulacaceae, Mesebrianthemaceae etc..)  is due to a completely different pigment the betalain.
(compare with: chlorophyll, betalain, carotenoid, flavonoids)





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